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 [English] Spirit Cloth level 90 +

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MessageSujet: [English] Spirit Cloth level 90 +   Lun 30 Oct 2017 - 13:03

What are spirit Gems ?

When you reach level 90, you will gain access to a new way to upgrade your character, this new path is call the Spirit Cloth and its associated with Spirit Gems. There's 13 types of Gems and each one can be upgrade. Making the good Gems combo will give you 2 new capabilities, the first one is the shield you could activate when you need and the secondary is an elementary resistance.

An another type of Gems is use to upgrade the Spirit Cloth itself (Note : to upgrade the Spirit Cloth, you will have to use Gems + XP + Silver)

Different kind of Gems

Gem fragment : It's used to upgrade Gems, every fragment give one point on the upgrade progression bar.
Gem "Critical" : Allow you to upgrade Gems of 20 points instead of 1.
Equipment Gems : It's used to upgrade Spirit Cloth and gain Gems slots on it.

Gem "Water" : Gives water damages.
Gem "Thunder" : Gives thunder damages .
Gem "Fire" : Gives fire damages.
Gem "Earth" : Gives earth damages.
Gem "Wind" : Gives wind damages.

Gem "HP" : Increase the maximum HP.
Gemme "Assault" : Gives base attack points to increase damages.
Gemme "Defense" : Increase defense points.
Gem "Evasion + Critical Damages" : Increase evasion capabilities and the critical damages.
Gemme "Hit + Critical Damages" : Increase hit and the critical damages.

Where is the Spirit Gems section ?

Main Window

1 : List button

Allow you to hide or see the section called  "List".

2 : Skills

Here you can see the active and passive Skill you've earn. The active Skill is a shield that protect you from the elemental attack associated to your combo, the passive skill gives you +15 of element resist associated tou your combo. To earn the first skill you have to reach the level 50 in spiritual Gems and the level 100 to earn the second one.

3 : Help button

Like says is name this button will gives you help and will also gives you specific combos link to your class.

For example, here some combos of the Pegasus Class :
: Resist earth +15
: Resist earth +15
: Resist wind +15
: Resist wind +15
: Resist fire +15
: Resist fire +15
: Resist thunder +15
: Resist thunder +15
: Resist water +15
: Resist water +15

4 : Spirit Cloth upgarde button

This is the section where you could upgrade your different parts of the Spirit Cloth, note that you may update your Spirit Cloth as soon as possible.

5 : Gems destruction button

Here you can break your Gems to recieve Gems Fragments.

6 : Gems upgrade button

This window is the one were you will be able to upgrade your different Gems.

7 : Equiped Gems list

Here you can see your different equiped Gems and there level. Note that the first line is where you have to do your combo. You also have to keep in mind that there's number restrictions on use of Gems, for example you can only have one HP Gems per lines not more.

8 : Level of spiritual Gems

Here you see your level and how much you have do upgrade your Gems to reach the next power rank.
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MessageSujet: Re: [English] Spirit Cloth level 90 +   Mar 31 Oct 2017 - 17:57

Merci Ludo ^^

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[English] Spirit Cloth level 90 +
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